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Among complex communities of living things, it is only humans who make art. Sometimes art is all that remains as a code of civilization. What mark shall we make?
Our passion seeks excellence on the horizon of creativity and offers fresh approaches to art and design that fosters success.
Some of the brands we have helped to tell their stories:
Disney Consumer Products - Brand design for The Disney Stores and Theme Parks.
EMI Capitol Records - Creative direction for significant artist releases and website.
Harley-Davidson Motors. Inc. - Trend, product and multimedia design.
Center for Civic Education – Books and teacher and student program design.
Sony Pictures - The DaVinci Code style guide creation.
The Disney Stores - Creation of multi category consumer retail product design.
Paramount Pictures - Sabrina the Teenage Witch and other properties style guide creation.
Universal Music - Music and special projects consumer packaging.
Disney Resorts, Theme Parks, and other Properties – Logos, id and brand design.
BMG - Jazz Series, Avon, and Target Stores brand development.
20th Century Fox - Style guide & brand development for The Simpson’s.
Universal Pictures - Jurassic Park, Caspar the Friendly Ghost and other style guild creation.
Target Retail Stores - Holiday promotion product design.
The National Geographic Society - Consumer product idealization and design.
Disney Pixar - Consumer products and luxury collectibles.
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures - Logo, brand and i.d. design.
MGM - The Pink Panther and other property style guide creation.
Olympic Games - Lead design source, providing creative direction to 250 international licensees. 

The Big Concepts Team
Rose Freeland, MFA, Creative Director,  graduated from Art Center College of Design and California Institute of the Arts in California and achieved a Master's degree in Fine Art. Founded Big Concepts on the basis of applying the latest in trends, art and talent to achieve success for the family of clients we keep. As creative director in all projects, Rose is also the senior illustrator in chief while also balancing a unique art of success for our clients.​​​​​​​
Mark Stritzel, MFA, Executive Art Director, specializes in corporate identity and design, logos, style guides and all marketing collateral. Mark leads complex projects that provide our clients the tools to stay "on brand" for years to come.​​​​​​​
Our Process: We develop the scope analysis of our client's goals to define the target for a successful creative exploration to find where new markets exist. Presentation of a written plan that includes all phases of development and design, outlining time and budgetary stages is how we begin. We initially approach every project with an open mind to seek out the potential and uniqueness of our client’s best pathway to success and provide original design marketplace leadership.
Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can provide excellent creative leadership. We look forward to your comments and questions and speaking with you.
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