Design Books

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The Descendants Blood Moon Graphic Novel
The Prince Frog
The Winter Moon Fairies
Turn Every Stone
Follow the Sun
Medical University Illustration & design
Young Adult Book Design & Illustration
University Medical Deans Report
The Story of Jazz
French Chocolate Cookbook
Fashion Lookbook
Digital Arts
Medical University Concepts
Scope & Sequence
The Adventures of Biker Bucky
Corcoran Gallery
Subtle Energy Books
The Motivated
GooRooV Mfg
A Clinician's Guide To Cannabinoid Science
Disney Brand Story: What Makes
Here I Am
White Space
line-of-site Fine Art Exhibit Catalog & Campaign
Dumbacher Exhibits
Scribble Birds
Fan Based Edition of One HP
On edition of dust covers for a fan based publication.
Dumbacher & Dumbacher Fine Art Catalogs
Design Licensing
Saturdays Book Cover
Jim Kellerher: Beach
FA Magazine
Fine Art Book Cover
Of Time and the River Thomas Wolfe
Great Moves
Pizza Secrets
Here I Am Accordion Book
Unreal Person
MGM Pink Panther
The Space Between the Cities
Venus & Adonis W. Shakespeare
Sam Butcher's Precious Moments Bible Design
The Story of Polo
National Geographic Society Stationery Product Designs
Garden Journals
DION Project for Capitol Records
Pictures in a Story
The Art of Tea
Twelve in a Riddle
Fiddler's Green
Paris METRO Couture
Oliver Book Cover
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